What a decade. Thank u. Next!

A lot happened over the past decade. As I was thinking about the impact of the past ten years, I thought about some hopes I have towards the next ten.

  1. Now that billions of people are online and using the same products, I hope that we can use them to help make society even better instead of just profit centers with great margins
  2. Now that we are seeing the real impact of our climate changing and global warming, I hope we can implement solutions that put the world in a better place for the next decades
  3. Now that we have seen a massive rise in the income and savings gaps between the wealthy and middle / lower classes, I hope we can reverse the trend and make sure everyone has access to jobs at reasonable income levels, affordable health care, and more, and create more balance
  4. Now that we have seen the divisiveness of politics due to rising inequality, I hope we can rebuild around conversations that seek a common ground of a better life for all of our next generation
  5. Now that we stare at a piece of glass all day to access the Internet, I hope we invent new form factors like glasses or hats that augment our reality and bring us closer together in real life instead of distracting from it

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