Introducing ThinkingTime


ThinkingTime is a Slack App that gives your team time to think. You use the App to post a question to your channel and then collect all responses to be released at the same time.

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How ThinkingTime works

With ThinkingTime, it’s easier than ever to collect feedback on an important question from your team while giving them time to think and make all the responses equal.

  1. Everyone on the channel will see your message with a “Respond When Ready” button
  2. They click that button and write and submit their response.
  3. The messages are all saved and then released at the specified time on a new thread. The messages are released in random order so there is no advantage to being first.
  4. When the ThinkingTime is complete, your team can commence conversation in realtime as usual.

Use Cases

Here are a few use cases we’ve already heard for when this can be useful:

  • Gathering questions ahead of a meeting or an all-hands
  • Starting a weekly retrospective over Slack and getting people to give meaningful input
  • Discussing a candidate after a full day of interviewing where you don’t want to bias each other’s feedback
  • Initiating a brainstorm around a tricky problem
  • Requesting input or suggestions for a team bonding event
  • … and so many more! Look back in your recent slacks and email threads and see how many times conversations got derailed by the first responder!

Go to to install this!

Final Thoughts

This was a fun little project for us. We have always meant to jam on things together so I’m glad Cyrus was inspired by my first post and wanted to try some things. He also always wanted to build a Slack app so this gave him an excuse to go learn their APIs. We grabbed a few late hours after the families were in bed and mostly I watched Cyrus code and debug.

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