EFH-First Product Requests (Everything From Home)

Thanks to Corona Virus, we’re quickly moving from social lives to social distancing. We’re changing work from in person / in office to WFH. This is a great window of opportunity for new products. Here are a few ideas I was thinking about. If you are building anything like this, let me know, it would be fun to jam.

1) ReplyTime

One of the biggest challenges with Slack, email, group messaging, and most group communication channels is what happens when you ask a question or ask for feedback. You usually start with a request for feedback by sending an email, a doc, or even just a thought. Then the responses start coming. It’s often the first person to reply who sets the tone for the entire rest of the thread and discussion. This then creates competition to be first, meaning if you are sitting around your keyboard or on your phone, you can jump in before everyone.

  1. In the email it specifies the reply time when all of the reply emails will be released to the group. You have to reply before then to be included.
  2. All emails are held until the reply time. Then they are released as normal.
  3. After that first round of feedback, then anyone can reply and the group discussion can commence as usual. Or, you can add more layers of reply time.

2) JamSession

With people practicing true “social distancing”, the live music industry is going to be in a world of hurt. Musicians make most of their money from touring and playing live shows. People are going to stop going, and musicians will cancel a lot of touring plans. On top of this, people will just miss out on experiences they care about.

3) LunchBuddies

When you work from home, it’s important to still take the time away to break for lunch. You need to eat anyways, and it’s good to have some time to let the brain rest from working. But you are at home alone, and it can be kinda boring. You can just order from doordash, or heat up a frozen Hot Pocket. But this could be so much better. So much healthier. And social.

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I love building products that people use. I‘ve helped build Twitter, Facebook Connect, LinkedIn, Robinhood. Investor in Medium, Tiktok/Musical.ly, Discord

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