wrote this in 2012 on Tumblr, but just imported it here to Medium

I just wrote this in a quick email to a friend and thought I’d post here too.

A lot of people ask whether they need a deck when pitching to a VC. I don’t think a deck is required, most important is telling your story. But a deck often helps in framing and structuring the story and making sure that you get through all of the key points you want to cover. Here is what I wrote him:

My basic advice to people building decks is to use it to help tell a story for why you are doing this and how big you think it can be. I like a structure for something like this:

1) The problem in the world we’re going to go and solve (problem / space)

2) Our solution and why it uniquely addresses the problem (product)

3) How many people have the problem and why they will adopt it (market size / go-to-market)

4) Why we are the exact right people to go tackle this now (team)

5) How we will get there in the future! (fundraising and future plans / use of funds)

Some people put team first as way of introductions which is also good, and then you can transition from team to problem by telling a personal story around why you started this.

Originally published at joshelman-blog.tumblr.com.

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