Dear Apple,

I love you. Or really I love your products. I use them all and they are the best I have ever seen at making technology feel like using products that work and not feel like “technology”.

But you are killing me slowly with cords. You change cord styles faster than I change hair styles. I can no longer keep up.

I am still dealing with MagSafe 1 and MagSafe 2 converters getting lost weekly. My 32 pin to lightning adapters are in 3 different docks I had bought before. I have piles of cords and keep buying many different copies for the places I want to work and to carry with me.

I am so afraid to get the new MacBook because I will need all new USB-C dongles everywhere I go that I am just holding back. Even though it looks like the best computer ever. Or at least MG Siegler says so.

So I have an idea. Maybe can you host a Cord Amnesty Day?

Let me bring in a whole bunch of the MagSafe 1 and MagSafe 2 cords I have purchased. Maybe you can replace them for me at no cost as I buy my new MacBook.

Let me bring in my 32-pin docks and give me a steep discount on lightning ones or whatever is coming next.

Just help me feel like my world of cords everywhere won’t be yet another set of useless relics taking up space, and then maybe I will buy your latest computer.

Above: a pile of cords sitting on my desk right now

I love building products that people use. I‘ve helped build Twitter, Facebook Connect, LinkedIn, Robinhood. Investor in Medium, Tiktok/, Discord

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